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Human Performance Improvement 
Your Step-by-Step Blueprint 
for ENGAGING Your Team, 
Reducing Errors IMMEDIATELY, 
and Transforming Culture 
in 60 Days (or LESS)
"Top Human Performance Expert Reveals How to Grab the Attention of Indifferent (or Clueless) Leaders and Apathetic Team Members...even if Your Organization is Overwhelmed with Other Initiatives (Especially Those Caused by the Pandemic!)"

From The Desk of Tim Autrey
Las Vegas, Nevada
RE: Your Impact as a Leader and Influencer

Dear friend,

Are you finding it harder than ever to improve performance, positively impact work culture, or efficiently implement any aspect of organizational change?

Especially with remote work, hybrid work, social distancing, 'Zoom fatigue', pandemic paranoia...?

Are you responsible for any aspect of the performance of your team, your department, your business, or your entire enterprise?

Have you been frustrated by stubborn, indifferent, or ‘clueless’ leaders…or by unresponsive attitudes of apathetic or disengaged team members?

Do you see the enormous possibilities of transforming your team environment and your work culture (especially now), but don't know where the heck to start?

Then these 3 simple Frameworks and Step-by-Step Blueprint provide the answers you've been looking for.

Hi, I'm Tim Autrey. I’m founder and CEO of PPI Global, Executive Director of the Human Performance Association, and author of the best-selling book, 6-Hour Safety Culture.

Over the past 16 years, we’ve worked directly with tens of thousands of team members and their leaders. We’ve served small businesses, large companies, and some of the largest organizations on the planet- helping them achieve an unparalleled track record of performance improvement successes. 

Successes such as…
• An 87.5% reduction in human error rate,
• 57.1% reduction in worker turnover,
• Best safety record ever,
• 80% reduction in bargaining unit grievances, and a
• 35% increase in year-over-year profits

We’ve seen our clients achieve such results by helping them properly focus on the CORE of all performance- Human Performance.

"How to Elevate Engagement & Accountability, Reduce Mistakes & Errors, Affect Organizatioinal Change, and [Ultimately] Transform Culture..." 
And in the midst of this change, we’ve adapted our massive experience with some amazing technology. We've developed a set of simple frameworks for achieving sustainable and continually improving performance- now and into the future.

Putting it altogether, I decided to call it, "Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE.” 

Because that’s exactly what it is. 

It offers a Step-by-Step Blueprint that’ll help you quickly elevate engagement and accountability, immediately reduce mistakes and errors, effect organizational change, and that can transform your Team Culture in 60 Days (or Less!).

In spite of Covid and the fear that continues to surround it, in spite of remote or hybrid work environments, in spite of masks and social distancing…

Not only does Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE include Apps, Tools, Worksheets, Maps, Check Sheets, and Self-Assessments to use along your journey, I will ALSO be GUIDING YOU each step of the way through 5 Video Learning Segments. I'll work with you one-on-one through online media to develop your plan for creating a Just Culture, a World-Class Safety Culture…a WIN-WIN culture that generates continually-improving performance.

I’ve put this whole thing together so that from Day 1 your efforts to improve performance will be sensible, sound, and hugely impactful.

Claim your access now and you can get started immediately with Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE.
"Human Performance Improvement (HPI) 
* Step-by-Step HPI BLUEPRINT: A Learning & Doing Human Performance Improvement Experience that develops 3 Simple Frameworks for Minimizing Human Error, Achieving Zero Events, And Transforming Culture…even If Your Organization Is Currently Overwhelmed with Other Initiatives (Especially Those Spawned By The Pandemic!). This includes FULL Video Training, and a Comprehensive Set of One-Pagers, as well as access to Apps, Tools, Checklists, and Step-by-Step Implementation Maps- everything you need to develop your Next-Gen Performance Improvement Strategy and Implementation Plan. - ($497.00 Value)

* BONUS #1 Human Performance BASIC Training™ (FULL Course) - ($179.00 Value)

* BONUS #2 Error Elimination Tools™ Web Apps (in English and Spanish) ($15.98 Value)

* BONUS #3 Cost-of-Error Calculator - ($49 Value)

* BONUS #4 *Signed First Edition of my Best-selling Book, 6-Hour Safety Culture -

Total Value: $ 740.98

But today, you're getting all of this...

For Only $17
Yes- for about the price of a couple trips to Starbucks you can have access to the frameworks and implementation strategy that've taken me 20+ years to refine...
YES TIM! Give Me Instant Access To 
'HPI MADE SIMPLE' Right Now For Just $17!
Achieve Rapid, Constant, and Never-Ending Improvement with Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE...
  • ​Helps You Rapidly And Sustainably Improve Performance Metrics & KPIs
  • ​Gives You the Keys to Achieving Zero Events
  • ​Answers the question- "How Can I Quickly Get The Attention and Support of Leadership?"
  • ​Eliminates Frustration Caused by Indifferent Leaders and Apathetic Team Members
  • ​Makes It Easy to Inspire Team Members to WANT to do 'Right' Things for 'Right' Reasons (even When No One is Watching)
  • ​​​​Reveals the 'Secret' for Achieving Sustainable & Continually Improving Performance 
  • ​Provides a 4-Step Recipe for Providing Feedback that Promotes Engagement & Alignment While Enhancing Relationships (even With Remote Team Members)
  • ​Removes Confusion about "Just Culture" and "Safety Culture"
  • Eliminates Mystery and Overwhelm Regarding  HOW to Transform Culture (CLUE- It's NOT 'hard' and does NOT have to take a 'long' time!) 
At this point you might be wondering...
 "Will Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE [really] work for my team, my company, or in my industry?"
I've been working with, refining, and perfecting this approach to sustainable & continually improving performance for over 20 years.

During that time we've helped our clients achieve an unparallelled track record of successes.

We've seen these successes from working with some of the largest global enterprises on the planet to working with local businesses in small towns, to working with all sizes and types of businesses in-between.

We've seen these successes in industries ranging from commercial nuclear & conventional electrical power generation & transmission, to petro-chemical, to renewables, to law enforcement,to shipping & transportation, to manufacturing, to pharmaceuticals, to medical, to printing, and even in food service.

The simple frameworks provided in Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE  work in ANY industry and ANY size company...essentially within ANY team, unit, agency, business, or enterprise involving PEOPLE.

This is because the underlying precepts and methods of HPI Made Simple tap into, appeal to, and leverage the positive aspects of what make us...HUMAN.

And they do so to the benefit of the organization AND the people involved. In other words- WIN-WIN.

But don't just take my word for it, see what experienced colleagues have to say...
What Others Are Saying About the HPI Made Simple Approach...

"Love this simplistic viewpoint on HPI! This viewpoint could have saved me $140k at Capella on my Ph.D.!!"

Valerie Bernard, Ph.D.
Executive Training Centers, Inc.

"One of the most comprehensive views I’ve seen on how to drive a safety culture."

David Galloway

Six Sigma Master Blackbelt

"This is great for anyone who is interested and passionate about leadership and wants to impact their culture in a way that transforms their organization."

Alina Ortega Bustamante

Senior Organizational Development Consultant
Austin Energy

"It’s a really fun tool that has brought our team together. It’s like glue that allows us to support each other in a common way."

Rene Pare

Small Business Owner

MI Custom Signs

"I had been with the company for 35 years and it was the biggest, fastest culture change I’d ever seen."

Gary Mechler
Plant General Manager (Retired)

Here's Exactly What You Get With 
"Human Performance Improvement 
(HPI) MADE SIMPLE"(For Just $17)
"Your Step-by-Step HPI Blueprint"

3 Simple Frameworks and Step-by-Step Implementation Guide for Minimizing Human Error, 
Achieving Zero Events, and Transforming Culture
…even If Your Organization Is Currently Overwhelmed With Initiatives (Especially Those Spawned By The Pandemic!)

Total Value: $497
  • The BIG Picture: Overcoming Myths & Misconceptions and Understanding Each Step Along Your Next-Gen Pathway for Achieving & Sustaining Next-Level Performance  
  • Your Transformation Framework: 3 Simple Steps for Grabbing Attention and Inspiring Commitment of Team Members at ALL Levels
  • Your Implementation Framework: 4-Part Framework for Rapidly & Effectively Scaling Implementation Within and Across Any Type or Size Business or Organization 
  • Your CANI Framework: Your 3-Part 'Secret' for Achieving Massive Long-Term Sustainable Performance Improvement
  • Building Your Implementation Blueprint: Refine your Strategy and your Step-by-Step Implementation Plan for Growing a Culture of One Team, with One Goal, having One Conversation
  • VIDEO Training on EVERY STEP (including a Comprehensive Set of One-Pagers)
  • ​Apps, Tools, Checklists, and Implementation Maps- everything you need to develop your Next-Gen Performance Improvement Strategy and Implementation Plan
Plus, ACT NOW and You'll Get All Of These BONUSES For FREE!
Bonus #1 - Human Performance BASIC Training™
"A Step-By-Step iLearning Experience 
for Expanding Context, 
Developing Proactive Accountability®, 
and Inspiring BEHAVIORS That Align 
With Your Core Principles"
Total Value: $179
The 'Secret' to Sustainable Performance Improvement involves changes in Team Member Thoughts and Feelings, and ultimately in Transformed Choices, Actions, and Behaviors.

The Human Performance BASIC Training™ iLearning Course provides you with a personal learning experience that: 
  • Helps You THINK Different, FEEL Different, and Ultimately- DO Different™
  • Offers You Incredible Insight Within (12) Quick, Easily Digestible, and FUN Learning Episodes
  • Guides You to Develop Internal Awareness & Discovery Through Interactive Exercises
  • ​Awards You With a Suitable-For-Framing Certificate and Professional Development Hours (PDH) Upon Completion
Get The FULL iLearning Course 
For FREE When You Order 
'HPI Made Simple' Today! 
Bonus #2 - Error Elimination Tools™ Web Apps
"Simple Behavioral Tools That Virtually ELIMINATE the Potential for Mistakes On The Job"
Total Value: $15.98
These are the same 'tools' used by US Nuclear Power Generation and Commercial Airline Industries to substantially reduce mistakes and drive significant events to essentially ZERO.
NOW AVAILABLE in Convenient APP Format in Both English and Spanish!
  • Simple & Quick WHY, WHEN, and HOW ('to use it') for Each Tool
  • ​Works on ANY device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone)
  • Perfect for Crew Briefings, Just-in-Time (JIT) Reviews, and Pre-Job Briefs  
Get BOTH Apps For FREE When You Order 
'HPI Made Simple' Today!  
Bonus #3 - Cost-of-Error Calculator
"App for Quickly & Accurately Identifying How Much Mistakes & Errors Are Currently Costing Your Team, Business, or Organization "
Total Value: $49
The quickest way to justify investing time, energy, and resources into reducing human error is to accurately assess HOW MUCH mistakes on the job are currently COSTING your organization. 

This easy-to-use App...
  • Uses Your Data to quickly calculate HOW MUCH ‘human error’ is currently COSTING you
  • Provides Current COST Breakdowns in (3) Areas: 
  • Unplanned Downtime and Lost Productivity
  • Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities
  • Physical Equipment, Facility, Environmental & Regulatory Costs 
  • Allows You to Run Scenarios  that Calculate your Return-On-Investment (ROI) for HPI efforts and proposed implementation plans
Get The App For FREE When You Order 
'HPI Made Simple' Today!    
Bonus #4 - Signed 1st-Edition of 
6-Hour Safety Culture
6-Hour Safety Culture 
"How to Sustainably Reduce Human Error and Risk 
(and do what training alone can't possibly do)"
Total Value: <priceless>
Tim Autrey's best-selling book tells the story of how the Next-Gen Approach to Human Performance was developed, its history of successes, and step-by-step HOW TO's for taking the Performance of Your Team, Company, or Organization to a Whole New Level.

You will learn...
  • What "Just Culture" and "Safety Culture" truly are (and what they're NOT)
  • How to positively leverage human nature to move [far] beyond mere 'compliance'
  • Four Foundational Precepts for Achieving and Sustaining Next-Level Performance
  • How to Rapidly Transform the Culture of Your Team, Business, or Organization
  • A Simple 4-Step Recipe for providing Team Member Feedback in a way that Aligns Behaviors while Growing Relationships
Tim Autrey will Personally Sign a Copy of 6-Hour Safety Culture for You and ship it as soon as You Complete Your Human Performance BASIC Training™ ilearning Course (BONUS #1)!
There's NO 'CATCH'!
At this point you might be thinking "This sounds great, but there's gotta be a 'catch', right?"
There's no 'catch'!

I'm doing this because it's the next step in the rapidly growing MOVEMENT to help make our world a BETTER and SAFER place...through the workplace.

I've made it my personal mission to help colleagues like you who are genuinely seeking SUSTAINABLE IMPROVEMENTS in team, business, or organizational results (and who want to achieve them the right way). I want to help you understand and leverage the core of all performance- human performance.

All you need to do is register and you can get started right away (even if it's 3 o’clock in the morning!).
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
We are wholly committed to helping professionals like you be phenomenally successful at improving performance (and doing so in a way that's SUSTAINABLE). Because of this, our client & customer service is exceptional. 

The 'downside' of our commitment to service is that it requires us to limit our number of new clients and customers from time to time. Honestly, this Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE offer simply can't last forever...so don't wait!

Since you're seeing this page, HPI MADE SIMPLE (and all the BONUSES) are still available. Once we get 'full' though, we're gonna have to shut the doors on this offer. This is the only way we can maintain our current level of client & customer service.

So, CONGRATULATIONS! You can STILL Get In! And the Great News is, you're FULLY PROTECTED with...
My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
If for any reason you don't love HPI Made Simple, I'll refund your money...AND you can  keep access to the Entire Package and get value from it in the future.
You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE...
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
YES, TIM! Give Me Instant Access To Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE, the Training, and Bonuses RIGHT NOW For Just $17!
  Step-by-Step HPI Blueprint (including Training)  (Value $497)
  BONUS #1 Human Performance BASIC Training™ (Value $179)
  BONUS #2 Error Elimination Tools™ Apps (Value $15.98)
  BONUS #3 Cost-of-Error Calculator App (Value $49)
  BONUS #4 Signed Copy 6-Hour Safety Culture  (priceless)
Total Value: $740.98
Today Just $17
Well...that's pretty much everything.

Whether your primary focus is upon improving safety, reliability, productivity, or efficiency and profitability...or ALL of these- if you're truly interested in improving performance the RIGHT way, the SUSTAINABLE way, the WIN-WIN way, then I implore you to take me up on this offer while we can still make it available.

I'll be excited to see you on the inside :-)

Thanks a BUNCH for all you are doing to help make our world a better and safer place!

Tim Autrey
Founder/CEO- PPI
BTW- Bottom Line: There is absolutely no better way (and even, perhaps, no other way) to achieve RAPID, SUSTAINABLE, and CONTINUALLY-IMPROVING PERFORMANCE beyond the approach I want to share with you in Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE.

The FRAMEWORKS are PROVEN...no matter your type of business, industry, or size of organization. The step-by-step implementation plan makes it fast and simple.

And I'm doing everything I can to make this a super-easy choice- the entire package (including all the BONUSES) for only $17 when you act NOW. And remember- your satisfaction is guaranteed.

STILL Not Sure?

Wanna see an entire collection of Video Testimonials about the
MADE SIMPLE Approach to
Human Performance Improvement (HPI)?

YES, TIM! Give Me Instant Access To Human Performance Improvement (HPI) MADE SIMPLE 
Right Now For Just $17!
 Step #1: Contact Information
 Step #2: Billing Address
 Step #3: Checkout
Everything You're Going To Get...
  • Step-by-Step HPI Blueprint (including Training, Apps, & Tools) (Value $497)
  • BONUS #1 Human Performance BASIC Training™ (Value $179)
  • BONUS #2 Error Elimination Tools™ Apps   (Value $15.98)
  • BONUS #3 Cost-of-Error Calculator App       (Value $49)
  • BONUS #4 Signed Copy 6-Hour Safety Culture (Priceless)
Total Value: $740.98
Today Just $17

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $37: Want to rapidly accelerate your understanding and ability to Implement? The downloadable audio files of the ENTIRE Step-by-Step HPI Blueprint Learning & Doing Experience grant you the ability to use 'downtime' to rapidly absorb content and build your strategy. You can listen ANYWHERE- while you're in the gym, driving, doing...whatever. Click YES to add this to your order now for just $37! (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place.)

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